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Mar 11 2011

lowered expectations

In this secular sermon, Alain challenges the great bourgeois promise that everyone can find happiness in love and work and suggests that we take on the joys of pessimism instead. … Indeed, in denying a place for misery and despair, the modern world denies us the possibility of collective consolation, condemning us instead to solitary feelings of shame and persecution. 

Jan 2 2011

the pre-twitter aphoristic urge

after the schtick (vulgar-parables-of-pomo-truisms / porn-derived ontological insights / cheap ‘jarring’ juxtapositions / violent erotic fantasies about Wendy) is well established, the shock-value wears thin. a dearth of original ideas or insights weighs it down and what profundity there is is mostly precocious-highschooler-with-a-predilection-towards-drugs-and-perversity profundity. but it def has it’s moments.

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Jan 1 2011
new year / same dystopia

new year / same dystopia

Dec 22 2010

there are things you can’t get anywhere…

Dec 17 2010

Dec 3 2010

fantasies of corporeal fusion

with the unrelenting, near autonomic advance of ambient awareness technologies spurring McLuhanite perceptual extensions into radical and remote zones of experience, where the conventional borders of immanence (i.e. our very subjectivities) are—not transcended—but fused in elaborate, inchoate concatenations, it is unsurprising that fantasies or nightmares of a corporeal complement are now emergent.

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Oct 16 2010

Maggie Nelson, ‘Bluets’


Bluets by Maggie Nelson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

click below for mad wordz

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I believe that the earth is a big ball of shit

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Oct 12 2010

Oct 3 2010

Richard works as an exterminator in a city overrun by cats.
One night he encounters a strange feral boy and finds himself caught up in the struggle to save the boy from the fate of a hunted animal. 
When the cat-boy starts brutally attacking his co-workers, Richard uncovers his own animalistic urges and finds it increasingly difficult to maintain his position on the food chain.
Directed by Dean Francis

Sep 29 2010


Sep 25 2010


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