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Dec 26 2011

i love lana del rey.


i love her for all the reasons ppl r ambivalent about/h8 on her: deeply problematized/unchartable authenticity, tranny-chic appearance, lack of any sort of totality, desperate & severe ‘omega point' hauntology without being as egregiously ‘retro’ as amy winehouse or adele, so i can actually stand her music.

(i honestly prefer the ‘pre-video’)

stevie nicks growl, cinematic melodrama, amenability to epic remixes, narcotic melody, doom, fatalism, whorishness, paz de la huerta. 

Video Games (BALAM ACAB Remix) - Lana Del Rey by BALAM ACAB

im also not paying that close attention, which always helps. 

Dec 24 2011

for real tho

gay angels

gay angels

Dec 19 2011

good question

Nov 25 2011

post script

went in like a slinky

steel cat in a glass jar

perfect marriage of cat and earth [and tar]

Nov 11 2011

germans r soooo scary.

also the japanese.

(Halber Mensch,  Einstürzende Neubauten.)

Oct 24 2011


WOW. Big Bad Wolf

holy fuck. now duck sauce is speaking my language

(via gunsgarcia)

Oct 20 2011

Sep 25 2011

cause like they do this

and also this  

Sep 24 2011

that shit cray

Aug 21 2011



aye mami


Aug 20 2011

just wanna roofie the world n lay here and read nietzsche

Jul 31 2011

T R A C E # 1

traces are weird things. they entail an ontological equivocation

an ambiguation of absence and presence, an impossible ambivalence, insisting both contemporaneously

this means that traces exist only through non-existence, a presence founded only in absence 

(sorry this vid wont embed, watch it on youtube or at least listen, its worth it)
so to contend over the actuality of a hypothetical trace is inherently superstitious, becoming itself a ghost hunt, or at best an exorcism

Jul 3 2011

its like antony meets arthur russell meets fever ray meets the mortal coil meets planningtorock meets jamie woon meets ________ all in a google+ ‘hangout’

really like 2/3rds feeling these Danes.

first i heard from them i wasnt sure how i felt. i think 2/3rds is pretty good.  mostly looking forward to remixes.  the Nicolas Jaar (embedded above) is fan and the dOP is tite.



this vid is kinda a bummer