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May 23 2012

sleep is mad real: social jet lag, human energy economies & the tyranny of compulsory oblivion

been somewhat captivated by sleep lately

bought this book at punk rock flea market cuz it says SLEEP

my cell phone battery life blows. But its energy economy is a monumental improvement over humanity’s. on average, we have to charge like 3-4 times a day, and then SHUT DOWN COMPLETELY for 6-8 hrs a day.  we are abysmal technology.  i hope steve jobs is giving god industrial design pointers in non-existence right now.

whats worse, the fascistic sleep regime seems to have a draconian bio-justice system.

Social jet lag is “the discrepancy between what our body clock wants us to do and what our social clock wants us to do,”

Roenneberg and his colleagues surveyed the sleep habits of more than 65,000 adults and found that people with different weekday and weekend sleep schedules had triple the odds of being overweight.

the body mass index (BMI) of overweight people tended to rise as the gap between their weekday and weekend “time zones” widened.

The findings echo previous research linking higher BMI to sleep deprivation and irregular sleep schedules. In particular, numerous studies have found an increased risk of obesity — as well as chronic diseases such as diabetes — among shift workers

Some of the proposed explanations for the link between shift work and obesity, such as irregular meal times and metabolism disruptions at the cellular level, may help explain the social jet lag findings as well,

"Living against our body clocks is detrimental for our health," … "On an epidemiological level, we pay an enormous price for not being within our natural clocks."

cellular mutiny commanded by the shadowy overlord of forced, rationed oblivion

Sep 10 2011