Oct 16 2010

I believe that the earth is a big ball of shit

so the colossal cataclysmic affect of Enter the Void (post forthcoming) all but steamrolled the impression of this little vignette right out of my obliterated psyche. 

in an altogether perplexing turn of events, this short—befuddlingly directed by Harmony Korine (Kids, Gummo) for Proenza Schouler—was screened prior to Enter the Void when I saw it at the IFC center. 

I like it.

Here are the designers talking (not too compellingly) about it. 
(much respect for the fantastic subtle use of Arthur Russell in the background tho)

This blog post tidily recounts all the standard academic/radical/politically correct problématiques you might come up with if sensitive to that sort of thing. Racialicious has it covered. (korine’s history of working with subject matter of undeprivileged youth of all backgrounds, with particular emphasis on racial tensions and dynamics, is a mitigating factor in my mind , but im just another white dude so w/e)